And So I Started

Months ago I felt the urge of having the freedom of expression. Facebook and Twitter are just too public even if I fix those settings. Shared to “only me” wasn’t an option though since I really want my posts to be seen but definitely not judged. I want to share my thoughts and be heard, but being ridiculed by other people is what is stopping me. Now here, being in the world where no one personally knows me, I hope I can already feel the freedom I was longing for.

Some people can possibly find me here. Friends, if ever you stumble upon this, let me know. And I hope I wont get judged.:P

What you are about to read are the most honest thoughts of a young lady.




2 thoughts on “And So I Started

  1. This is the same reason I created a WordPress. I wanted to share my writing but not with everyone I know on facebook. Only a couple of my friends know about my wordpress and if in any case I wanted to share a single post I just link it to my facebook. People don’t usually bother going through the website.

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