But Him.

A life of serving God is a remarkable life! Are you serving Him already?

This question made me feel worse. I missed The Feast today after four straight weeks of attending it and endless making promises of having it as a non-negotiable in my Sundays. Here I am in my room, missing it and feeling worthless. 

The internal conflict I’m experiencing right now is devastating. My mom couldn’t leave the house because my sister is sick. Of course, I am not her only daughter, she has to attend to her needs, too. But she is also a child of God and it’s her time to worship Him. But she’s a mother, too.

I could have still attended The Feast alone but I decided not to. And then I started to feel weaker, afraid of not having the strength I usually gain from The Feast to face this week (especially now that I don’t have any significant progress to report to my boss).

Suddenly, I realized that it isn’t The Feast that gives me strength. It isn’t The Feast that I worship. But Him. 

I ended up opening my Bible, and feeling empowered all over again.

Lord, I thank you for always showing me Your Love. I hope to serve You better everyday.

“Forgive others, and God will forgive you.”


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