Best Friend

For my 25th birthday, my best friend gave me a cute tiny pink box full of trivia about me. This is one of the best things we have in common, we don’t buy gifts for each other, we make them. I was seriously nervous and excited as I opened it, aware of the fact that my best friend knows a lot about me – oh no, knows all of me, I was sure I would cry tons and tons of tears. The first ones were funny and entertaining, they even made me think that I would just laugh at all I was about to read.

But, man, she was clever. Being the smart psychologist that she is, she managed to play with my emotions as I was reading the trivias one by one.

And then finally, the last trivia says, “Sa’yo ko natutunang makinig” (you taught be how to listen).

One best thing that our friendship made us is we were both developed to be great listeners. We are shock absorbers. We are instant counselors.  To our friends and families,  we are saviors at times they needed someone to talk to.

But the funny thing is it wasn’t me who made her a great listener. But it was her who made me one. The first time I experienced how to listen to someone’s heart was that fateful day I accidentally sat beside her during class and she started to blurt out her emotions about her family. We were so young back then and being able to understand,  or care about even, what was happening within the four walls of our homes was amazing yet devastating. We were just kids! But at that time she just strongly faced what was given to her. And I was there, surprised but listening intently, and showing her that I believe she could pass through all these.

It was the first time I felt that I was trusted by someone outside my family. And it was the first time I felt that what I say and think of matters.

All these happened 15 years ago. And until now, without failure, once in a while we still sit next to each other and have these significant talks. We still share lives. We still are the best of friends.

Being this listener that I am is truly a big part of me. I wouldn’t be me without being one.

It is truly amazing how God plans to plant people in our lives to mold us to become who He wants us to be.



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