A Letter to Sir

September 2014

Dear Sir:

I just want to let you know that I have flights booked already for the whole year 2015. I will be in different countries in 12 months and will have the best days of my life. I have a 10 week acting workshop here in the country and a 1 year interior design course. I will be needing to juggle my time between my tours in Asia and Europe. Also, I enrolled in Management Engineering short couse in the US and I am sure to learn and improve a lot.

When I come back, you wont recognize me anymore. You wont see that incompetent young lady. You wont see “young”, even. I will be all grown up. More confident than ever. More experienced and in my best self. You’ll regret of failing to consider me as part of your future plans for this company and of giving me reasons to give up. From this day on, you’ll lose the most compassionate employee you could ever have. You will forget how to have a heart because the only person to remind you that it is not all about work has just left you.

But I apologize also, for sometimes failing you and not being able to deliver. All the confidence that’s left with me has been shattered, and I am still in the process of putting the pieces back together. I’m sorry for headaches.

But I thank you. I seriously thank you. For having offered me this opportunity to serve the country for 2.5 years and be part of the best work an engineer could possibly ever have. It is only here where one can experience his designs be put into actual applications and be used by our fellow countrymen. I am but grateful for this job.

And I thank you for pushing me to the limits and making me realize that I might have come to the end of this career and I need to make the shift from significance to life.

I have a great career for 2.5 years already, it is time now to have a life. A real one.

I know that God has given me so much talents and passions which I fail to utilize if I work as an engineer all my life. Aside from being an engineer, there is still one calling out there that truly makes me who I am and can make me give back to the world 100%. I now need to know what my real life should be. Perhaps that is still as an engineer, but I am opening all doors. And I am needing this time off to explore and discover.

Thank you, and I thank the Lord, for your great mind that keeps on having these amazing ideas to help humanity.

I still wish that you’ll acknowledge me. But I am thanking you for letting me go.

This is me signing off.


Your EA


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