A Cry

My mom underwent an operation yesterday. Apparently gall stones formed in her organ and the doctors said they had to remove the whole thing. It was bloated already and wont be of any help to my mom’s body. There were 9 stones and we are waiting for the biopsy results of the gall bladder.

From where I am sitting now in this hospital room, I can hear my dad cough like hell. For sure he went back smoking. After stopping for a while since he had to undergo angioplasty a year ago and put 5 stents in his heart to able to live a couple more years. I thought he changed and gave up smoking, for his self and for his family. But clearly those coughs are results of that addiction. I’ve been telling myself to just be blind. Anger nor indifference wouldn’t be healthy.

Minutes ago I had to run out of the room. To gather myself together. After 5 days of no sleep, almost no eat, I finally found myself breaking down. I cant let my mom see me cry and be weak. She cant move on her own. She cant cough. She cant laugh. Every movement gives her indescribable pain.

This shall pass. I cant wait to see my mom be well again.

Help us, God.

I can really use some chocolates and fireworks right now.


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