Puzzle Solved!

My friends and I decided to have a date early today for our regular catching ups. The initial plan was to try the Breakout Manila, it is a bonding activity where the players would plan and solve puzzles as a team to be able to escape from “dangerous” rooms. Of course we were really excited as it is where we can practice our crazy critical thinking skills once more. Playing intellectual games was our thing way back college days. But due to our stinginess since the activity would hurt pockets of small groups like us, one of my friends recommended that we go instead to a specialty cafe her office mate owns. (She had discount coupons)

Its name is Puzzle.  The food was great. Delicious, really! The ambiance was homey. And the servers? They are amazing kids with autism.

I learned that one of the servers was the owner’s brother. He stopped going to school and his family decided to give him something to keep him busy. With his love of organizing things, his sister planned on putting up a convenience store where he could arrange the products on the shelves- by type, maybe by color, by size, any way he wanted. The idea later on evolved into being a cafe where two walls are shelves still with products, still arranged by the brother.

In my three hour stay in Puzzle, my tummy was filled, and so was my heart.

At first thought, people who knows the story behind the cafe would probably perceive that everything was planned and implemented for the brother- that he is lucky to have a sister who would cater and perhaps enhance his capabilities. Indeed he is lucky, but I realized, the both of them are.

They had found and had been fulfilling their purposes in life. Through each other, they were guided to the directions they would take in their lives. The brother’s condition led the sister to venture into a business that supports kids with autism, a noble deed. The sister’s compassion for her brother resulted in a much graceful heart that radiates to the people around him- to the chef, to the crews, to the customers, to the family

If life’s puzzle for their family would be solved through love, I’m certain they had put the pieces together even long before.


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