The iPad Saga

Last night we found an iPad on a chair in the park between the malls G4 and G5. Luckily it didn’t have any code and we managed to speak with the owner’s mom through Facebook. I gave my phone number since the iPad’s battery was running really low. And said we’d just wait for her call so that we can arrange how she can get it back.

A couple sat beside us and through the photos in FB we recognized the girl. My friend asked, “Are you **********? We found your iPad.” Unaware that it was even lost, she just got it back without saying a word.

Minutes after, an unknown number started calling my phone. Assuming it was the mom, I told her, “Your mom is calling. You tell her you have your iPad back.”

Wait. Di niya alam na nasa Makati ako.”

[“Wait, she doesn’t know I’m in Makati”]

(In her chat with her mom, she sent a pic of herself holding a Starbucks cup. She told her she was in Starbucks Taft when in fact I guess she was in Starbucks G5.)

And another ring.

Sabihin mo hindi iPad yung nawala. IPad Mini. Kanya (her boyfriend) yun. Nakilog-in lang ako sa FB.”

[“You tell her what you found was an iPad Mini, not an iPad. It’s his (her boyfriend’s) I just logged in using his device.” ]

“Uhmm. Kayo na lang mag-usap.”

“Uh, you just talk to her.” Then we walked away.

I called the mom and told her how I saw the iPad. I just made sure she already knew that her daughter got it back. She was so thankful she even called me an angel. 🙂

You, girl, you’re crazy. I need not enumerate the reasons why I was disappointed but I will.

1. Saying “Thank you” is one of the first things a human being learns.

2. No, you don’t! You don’t lie to your parents!

3. Be mindful of your belongings. Your parents worked hard for those.

4. Instead of thinking on how you can stop your mom from worrying, you were planning on how you can make her believe you weren’t irresponsible.

5. You wanted other people (your boyfriend) to be seen as careless when in fact it was you.

6. You don’t talk to older people like that. I know we are small ladies but it was plain obvious we are older.

7. Be polite to strangers. You don’t just give orders leading them to be bad people.

8. Don’t you involve me in your telling lies to your mom. I was raised to be an honest daughter. I sure know your mom tried to make you one, too.

Your mom was really nice. I hope you got her manners.

Be thankful I was told by God to not choose who I help.


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