I’m Going to Cali!

Months ago, I was offered an opportunity to work under a joint research project of California and my country. One major part of it is a training abroad just for a short period of time. Of course, I was hell excited.  Traveling for free? For my country? And just short time? Best opportunity ever!

The whole team was excited. We started including Katy Perry’s California Girls and Rihanna’s California King Bed in our office and field music playlists. We searched the states near the university and planned which ones to visit per weekend. I even looked for fashion styles for the season we will be visiting. Hihi!

We sure are thrilled. But I gotta say when the technical tasks to be accomplished were assigned, there, one bubble at a time, popping. I am not one of the smartest kids in town. I can say I am smart, but I know for a fact I’m no cream of the crop. A couple of times I reflected onto why I am in this job when only those who are real geniuses belong here.

And so I am digging why. Perhaps this trip would give me a cultural awareness, more people skills, confidence perhaps? Things that can me of use for my real purpose.

Earlier today I already received the invitation letter from one of the most prestigious universities in the US, well it’s safe to say, in the world. I will be under the mentorship of someone high profile in my field.

I am afraid, for real. But “my faith is on solid rock, I’m counting on God.” I’ll understand His plans in a few weeks. Be patient. I just have to be patient.


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