I am a frustrated writer turned engineer. I don’t know how that happened, but yeah. For the past 4 years I found myself searching for that one purpose why God created me; why I was in a technical field requiring much of logic and wits, and a very few heart; why I needed to work very hard for things others just get in an instant; why most of the time my efforts seem to be futile and myself never being enough.

Everything changed last January, after gathering all the strength to ask life’s questions and to seek the answers.

I’m in awe of His plans and I sure am excited.

I will travel the world and change lives. 🙂


P.S. This is a relatively young blog but I do hope that you follow me and spread my messages to whoever you believe needs my words and experiences. And I do encourage you to leave comments in the posts you have read and found fruitful to your life (fingers crossed). I am on my way of doing all I can do and extending efforts to be in close communication with all of you so as I can share what God has been teaching me in my life. This is going to be a long exciting ride. Thank you!


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