You see, for a while, I believed I’m getting married next year. But in his plans, it’s not the right time yet. Remember the time you had your heart broken and that excruciating pain manifested in your body? Physical. Real. Pain. I experienced this first when we broke up 9 years ago. Now, we are here, together, and all I know is we will end up together. For him, we sure will, too. But not now yet.



Im having the weirdest sleeping habits for a week now and I’ve never felt as restless before. I don’t know which to blame- my new meds, my overly stressful deadlines, problematic people, my recurring fight to possibly clinical.depression. Whenever I slip away from being responsible, I always feel the need to explain myself to avoid misconceptions about me. But this just gets as tiring too.


Nine days ago I came back to my home country after a 14 day emotional roller coaster trip to California. And now I am in my hotel room in a far flung province for a 10 day site profiling trip.

But right at this very moment, I want to stay in my room, do my nails, organize my clothes and do piles of them, some of which I will donate to whoever needs them.

It’s hard to find myself these days. I can’t wait to just be me. Not the responsible engineer me.

24 hours Before Leaving for California

And it became a reality! Im going to Cali! 24 hours before my flight and instead of creating my presentation in Berkeley or packing my things, Im here writing my panic post. This is really happening- Im going to Cali and this wont be a tour. It’s gonna be work and it’s not gonna be easy. Please pray for me!

“Trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.”