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Im having the weirdest sleeping habits for a week now and I’ve never felt as restless before. I don’t know which to blame- my new meds, my overly stressful deadlines, problematic people, my recurring fight to possibly clinical.depression. Whenever I slip away from being responsible, I always feel the need to explain myself to avoid misconceptions about me. But this just gets as tiring too.


Nine days ago I came back to my home country after a 14 day emotional roller coaster trip to California. And now I am in my hotel room in a far flung province for a 10 day site profiling trip.

But right at this very moment, I want to stay in my room, do my nails, organize my clothes and do piles of them, some of which I will donate to whoever needs them.

It’s hard to find myself these days. I can’t wait to just be me. Not the responsible engineer me.

24 hours Before Leaving for California

And it became a reality! Im going to Cali! 24 hours before my flight and instead of creating my presentation in Berkeley or packing my things, Im here writing my panic post. This is really happening- Im going to Cali and this wont be a tour. It’s gonna be work and it’s not gonna be easy. Please pray for me!

“Trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.”